Yuriy Smirnov

Fundraise Up COO & Co-Founder

This is the personal site of Yuriy Smirnov, Fundraise Up co-founder & COO, ex architect, ex engineer.

Fundraise Up is AI-assisted fundraising solution for nonprofits. I run company together with my business partners: Peter Byrnes, Anton Isaykin, and lovely team of 100.

Prior co-founding Fundraise Up, all three of us started a marketplace development firm with 10 employees.

My previous career includes being the Chief Architect of VC-funded travel marketplace startup where I built and run team of 35 developers. Prior I was the VP of Software Development for a seed-funded job marketplace startup where I built an run 5 person dev team. I has built apps for clients including the BBC, H&M, Barbie, Kaplan, Versace, iVillage, The Hollywood Reporter and Chase Bank as part of my consulting career.